External Resouces

External resources and other helpful links


Shamelessly stolen from the Game Boy Discord

Our Subreddit: https://reddit.com/r/gameboy

Game Boy development Website: https://gbdev.io/

GB Dev development Discord: https://gbdev.io/chat

GB Dev development Resources: https://gbdev.io/resources.html

Collection of free Game Boy homebrew games: hh.gbdev.io

InsideGadgets Discord: http://discord.gg/X2wS8eh

List of information on Game Boy carts: https://github.com/gbdev/awesome-gbdev/blob/master/CartridgeList.csv

Hardware Database(by gekkio): https://gbhwdb.gekkio.fi/

GBA cartridge battery replacement tutorial (by HDR): https://www.ifixit.com/Guide/Game+Boy+Advance+Cartridge+Battery+Replacement/103523

Replacement parts sheet (Work in progress): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/17RfgOaR-P8M0cC5BojwuY52GbZUefLFm82To7ja963o/

Adafruit soldering guide: https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-guide-excellent-soldering/

Information on de-yellowing plastic: http://hellcathq.com/breakdown-of-de-yellowing-techniques-for-retro-computers-and-consoles/

Open Game Boy Documentation Project(Has a lot of info on the hardware side of consoles and carts): https://mgba-emu.github.io/gbdoc/

GB/GBC Cartridge label template (by HappyCloud): https://github.com/GameBoy/Stuff/raw/master/GB_Label_OVERSIZED_43mmx38mm_real_is_42x37.psd

Game Boy Camera Club: https://discord.gg/C7WFJHG


While shops and sellers are sorted by their location, the bigger stores and some sellers usually ship internationally. Check with each store for shipping rates.

North America

  • Catskull Electronics - Chiptune accessories and more
  • Console5 - cap kits, backlight kits and accessories, documentation
  • Dr. Gameboy - Full custom builds, instructional videos/live streams
  • Gameboy Junky - Full custom builds, sound mods for LSDJ, and custom artwork
  • Gamebox Systems - Home of the DMG Consolizer and some other cool mods
  • Hand Held Legend - Screen modification parts (backlights, bivert mod, replacement screen shields) Game Boy Builder
    • Do note that this seller has a history of intentionally misleading blog posts or item listings. Shop with caution.
  • Helder Game Tech - Game Boy Advance (SP) batteries, replacement power switches, and cap kits
  • J-Bit Retro - Full custom builds, chiptune
  • Kitsch-Bent - Custom parts, mods, flash carts, etc.
  • Mortoff Games - Replacement parts, stickers, etc.
  • Retro Game Repair Shop - Backlight kits, replacement housing, stickers, RetroCNC machined parts, etc.
  • Retro Modding - Full custom builds, accessories, and other Game Boy products
  • Rose Colored Gaming - Full custom builds, Micro faceplates, GBA shells, and custom parts

Europe, including UK and Russia

  • Bluish Squirrel - Custom UV printed shells and lenses
  • Deadpan Robot - Official Retromodding distributor for UK, aftermarket GB parts and accessories, etc
  • Jellybelly Customs - Custom epoxy resin cast buttons and DMG form factor GBA builds
  • GameBoyKingdom - Custom UV-printed shells and builds
  • ZedLabz - Official Helder Game Tech reseller for UK, aftermarket GB parts and accessories, etc

Asia and Oceania

  • BennVenn - First-party-designed mods, including replacement displays and flash carts (potentially long lead times)
  • insideGadgets - Cart readers, custom flash carts, wireless GB controller kits, GBA VGA kits, and other cool misc. electronics
  • Funny Playing - LCD replacement mods, custom builds (China based)
  • Natalie The Nerd - LED Bling kits
  • Retro Game Store - Another AU-based distributer. Sells replacement parts and some brand products like Funny Playing and Everdrive
  • Yesterday’s Tech - Official Retromodding distributor in AU and full custom epoxy resin cast parts